Black and purple basketweave necklace from a man's neck tie


Design necklace from a high quality man's neck tie. It is a re-created tie for a lady by Amber Sisters.

This necklace is a statement jewellery piece for smart evening or business outfit.
It is an eye catcher, one-of-a kind hand made piece.

The necklace is an original designer made textile jewellery and will be a good gift for a person who loves culture, arts and is working in a respected business environment.

Hand made.

This item is in Stock, ready for delivery!


High quality neck tie.
100% weaved polyester fabric.

For filling we use natural wood beads. The item isn’t heavy.


Specifics of material:

Does not wrinkle.

You can make a beautiful bow on shoulder or back!


155cm/ 61 inch.


3cm and 1,5cm/ 1,18 and 0,60 inch.

Care instructions:

The care for this necklace is easy.

Hand-wash in warm water, gently dry by pressing a towel.

Iron if needed.


How to Hand-Wash Amber Sisters neck ties:


Mild liquid detergent.

Water Temperature

Cool or room-temperature.

Drying Cycle Type

Do not machine dry. Dry by pressing a towel. Let air-dry in room temperature.

Spot cleaning

Use a soft brush (a tooth brush) for cleaning spots, for example, from make up.

Iron Settings

Use iron on tips of the tie, if needed.


Amber Sisters necklaces are made of designer selected high quality man's neck ties. This statement necklace is a piece of art, that can be worn as a bow tie, scarf, tiara, bracelet or belt. This necklace is one of seventeen accessories designs from ties, that Amber Sisters has created since 2009.


The producer: Amber Sisters is a Latvian designer knitwear and accessories brand.

Made in Latvia, Europe.

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