Beautiful knitted scarf LAIMA made of natural 100% linen by Amber Sisters


Knitted scarf LAIMA is made of natural 100% linen flax.

Round scarf in two colours is made by Amber Sisters.

Embellished with ancient Latvian symbolic – sign LAIMA (a geometrical pattern that means “luck”), it protects, harmonizes and has a traditional Baltic style.


Collection: LAIMA linen.

Hand made.

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High quality 100% linen, that is made locally – in Baltic states.

Specifics of material:

Strong, comfortable, absorbent, withstands high heat.


One size.

Size: 1.25 m x 60 cm/ 50 in x 24 in

Care instructions:


Linen becomes softer and more absorbent after each wash, which is pretty neat. Wash linen on low temperatures in lukewarm or cold, and preferably soft, water.

Hand-wash, gently dry by pressing a towel.

Iron hot.


How to Hand-Wash Amber Sisters linen knitwear:


Mild liquid detergent.

Water Temperature

Cool or room-temperature.

Drying Cycle Type

Do not machine dry. Dry by pressing a towel. Let air-dry in room temperature.

Spot cleaning

Use a vet towel with mild liquid detergent to brush out dirt spots. It would be gentle to natural fibres.

Iron Settings

Use steam hot ironing, iron while the fabric is still damp.

About linen knitwear:

Baltic linen yarn knitwear is rare, because the yarn should be treated gently by hands.

More common and traditional in Baltic's is linen weaving.

Linen yarn is made of linen plant (please see in picture), spun from the long fibres into cones.

We are using double twisted linen yarn for our knitwear.


The producer: Amber Sisters is a Latvian designer knitwear and accessories brand.

Made in Latvia, Europe.



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