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Cardigan Casual ME, crema

Cardigan Casual ME, crema

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€ 95.00

Cardigan CasualMe.


30% angora mohair, 65% virgin merino wool, 5% polyamide.

One size.

Quality yarn:
Mohair has a silk- like qualities that is made from the hair of Angora goats.
Mohair does not felt as other wool, that is why knittings will be soft and long lasting.
We added virgin merino, that looks like cashmere. It is very soft, makes wool glow is breathable.

All natural material knittings are suggested to wash once in season in cool water with special wool liquid soap or hair shampoo. Water temperature should be less then 30 degrees. Do not use laundry dryer.

You can purchase this item in our shops in Riga City:
Amber Sisters shop Wool, Linen, Souvenirs, Pils Str.9-2, Riga.
Craftsman market EGLE located in Kalku 1, Old Riga city Town.
And best Latvian crafts and arts shops.

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