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Round scarf - black/white

Round scarf - black/white

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€ 36.00

Knit raound scarf/snood made by Amber Sisters.

Double knitting. Hand made.

One size

Soft and best quality Italian baby goat wool, which is knitted double yarn, double layer.
High grade mohair composition - 85% baby goat wool on 15% polyamide.

Quality yarn:
Mohair has a silk- like qualities that is made from the hair of Angora goats.
Mohair does not felt as other wool, that is why knittings will be soft and long lasting.

All natural material knittings are suggested to wash once in season in cool water with special wool liquid soap or hair shampoo. Water temperature should be less then 30 degrees.

Receive this item in a cartoon box with Amber Sisters Newspaper.

You can purchase this item in our sales Stall in crafts market EGLE located in Old Riga city Town.

Made in Latvia.

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