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Amber Sister necklace is made of specially selected high quality man's neck tie. It is light in weight, though filled with ash tree beads that are produced domestically - in Latvia. Decorated with Amber Sisters engraved metal tag, it represents the originality of our design authorship. This statement necklace is a piece of art, that can be worn as a bow tie, scarf, tiara, bracelet or belt.
Amber Sisters

OFFICE SMART champagne tie necklace

OFFICE SMART champagne tie necklace

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€ 26.00

Amber Sisters necklace from a man's neck tie.
Statement jewelry piece for casual or smart outfit.
One of a kind and artistic present for inteligent lady.

Material: high class neck tie,
100% weaved plyester

Length: 155cm, 61 inch
Bead size - 3cm and 1,5cm, 1,18 and 0,60 inch

Care: handwash in warm water (under 30 degrees). Clearing spots with special textile cleaner liquids, by brushing with small brush (toothbrush), drying by rolling into towel. Ironing with steam.

Wrapping: You will recieve item with photo instruction "How to wear necklace from a tie?" and Amber Sisters Newspaper.

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