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Soft Angora baby goat knitwear

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A day in the Garden
LOOK: Amber Sisters knittings
LOOK: Amber Sisters knittings 2017. gada 10. janvāris

The beautifull components of Amber Sisters winter knitting is a quality material. Mohair has a silk- like qualities that is made from the hair of Angora goats. Mohair does not felt as other wool, that is why knittings will be soft and long lasting.

Baltic feeling made by Amber Sisters, new cardigan models
Baltic feeling made by Amber Sisters, new cardigan models 2016. gada 21. maijs

Softest natural baby goat wool/mohair cardigans, made by Amber Sisters. Cardigans are hand made at Amber Sisters studio. Each year creation of knit designs is developing, and this model is the 3rd of the kind. We suggest to wear this cardigan model with a slim leather belt, by knotting it in the front. Perfect for every elegant dress. The hourglass form at the back makes every figure more slim!  By turning this cardigan by 180 degrees you will get an asymmetry jacket with massive front detail - large flowing collar. If you have any questions about sizes or colours we can offer you, please write: